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At Curley's Family Barbershop we make it our top priority to give you the kind of service that keeps you coming back for more. Our philosophy is all about letting you relax while we take care of the details. Our services are designed to include everything you need in a barbershop. At Curley's Family Barbershop we believe in the philosophy of a barbershop with the latest in hair innovations and technologies. We want our clients to have every possible option when it comes to looking their best, so we pride ourselves in constantly updating our services to include the very latest trends so you can keep up with the styles. We want to continuously strive to give our clients the best possible experience. 

Thomas Curley

Curley's Family Barbershop, LLC


Thomas Curley, a native Tucsonan, has been in the business of barbering for years, he has also been in the business of matrimony Curley is a hard working man and his years of experience and commitment are a testimony of his ethics. In his years as has owned three shops, the most recent, Curley's Family Barbershop, is a true labor of love. The shop is geared towards the entire family; men, women and children alike, and offers a clean and professional environment. In order to attain this degree of excellence, Curley has enlisted his entire family; his wife, at Sally's, helps Curley get the best products, his daughter, a burgeoning graphic artist, helps design and the uniqueness of Curley's business, and his grandkids, future philanthropists, are providing toys for the kiddy play area. 

In his years as both a barber and a husband, Curley has learned what it takes to make a business i.e. partnership work. He is no stranger to strife, nor is he a stranger to success. Curley is a man of many talents and more importantly, a man of pride and ingenuity. He takes the classic razor shave and combines it with the contemporary "fade" to make something even better - variety. Curley is an ex-marine and was honored with the position of sergeant after only four years of service, so he knows precision and more importantly he can access and deliver military quality. He strives to offer preferred services to all of his customers and is even looking to incorporate a shoe shining stand into the mix. There may be more additions to come in the future, so keep your eyes and ears open, Curley's Family Barbershop and forever young owner, Thomas Curley, is here to stay.

Raul Gonzales


US Army Veteran


Raul, a native Tucsonan, has always wanted to be a barber. When he was 18 he went into the Army, where he served 20 years. After retiring from the Army Raul went to barber school and has been barbering since 1998. 

See video below to get to know more about Raul.


Interview with Raul, barber at Curley's Family Barbershop in Tucson, AZ

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